Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

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  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

  • Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

Automotive Head Lamp Rapid prototype

Product Description

Product Description

Rear lamp mockup with crystal material by CNC milling vehicle for automotive industry

The prototype lamps are mainly composed of Lens, Bezel, Llightguide, Reflectors, Housing. The prototype Bezel usually is made of PMMA or ABS, and the property requirements are heat resistant, metalized high surface quality. The cylindrical light conductors, typically 7 to 10 mm in diameter, are CNC machined from PMMA or PC material in a single piece. The transmission of light through the total reflection results in very uniform linear illumination over the entire prismatic column. The reflector is alternatively machined from ABS or Aluminum according to the function test requirement.  The headlamp housing is made of opaque plastic-ABS or transparent plastic of PMMA or PC which can be feasible to see-through the inside working process. The auxiliary equipment of the fixture is normally made of aluminum, the completed unit of lamp can be sustained in the fixture for lit testing.

Utilizing rapid prototyping to manufacture parts to test for component fit and function can help get your product to market faster than your competition. Adjustments in design, materials, size, shape, assembly, color, manufacturability, and strength can be made following the results of your testing and analysis.

With Gennki Group, rapid prototype making, injection molding service, aluminum die casting service, stamping, assembly customers can always expect:
• Product design and engineering analysis and assistance
• High production speeds and volumes
• High-quality parts and finishes
• Minimal post-processing
• Low scrap rates
• Efficient communication

• Short lead time

Brand NameGennki Group
DescriptionRapid Prototype
MaterialPlastic material
Plastic MaterialPP, PC,PA6, ABS,POM, PMMA .etc
Surface FinishPolish/Texture/ Chrome plating, metallization .etc
Place of Origin

China EAST

Many rapid prototyping processes are available to today’s product design teams. Some prototyping processes use traditional manufacturing methods to produce prototypes while other technologies have more recently emerged.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. What is required of RFQ?

1) 3D formats with .stp.(preferred) igs,.prt.

2) 2D drawing for tolerance/material/surface finish/test requirement/regulations

3) Quantity (by order, month and Year)

Q2. How do you ensure product quality?

Gennki applies assessment, planning, monitors every single process. Some bullet points:

1) Apply APQP Product development analysis

2) Lay emphasis on prevention and planning

3) Quality Criteria (ISO and TS 16949)
Q3. How do you ensure on-time delivery?

1) Detailed planning, details per hour/person/machine number/stakeholder…

2) Main material is managed efficiently

3) Daily progress meetings, a recovery plan will be reviewed by the management team once any key chain is a delay.

4) If a delay happens on delivery in the course, extras hours will help to turn it on schedule

Q4. How can you if we don’t have the CAD data?

Gennki is able to generate the CAD for your review and approval in terms of your 2D sketch, or certain samples.

Q5. Can we test the plastic injection mold?

You are always welcome to company with us to try the molds in place in person. The testing video can be supplied for your checking with your absence.

Q6. How long does an injection mold last?

Generally, a plastic injection mold could complete anywhere between 100,00 to 1 million (or sometimes somewhat more than a million) cycles in its lifetime, so it's subject to customer’s expectancy.

Q7. How about your guarantee or aftersales?

The worn-easily spare parts will be freely provided during the warranty period. Gennki’s strategic associated American mold shop will assist you to handle the modification change if needed after the delivery.

Q8. How Can I visit your company from abroad?

Easy to find, you may take an international flight either land at PVG Airport or Hongqiao Airport from your workplace. The nearby high-speed train station to Hongqiao Airport will facilitate your trip to elsewhere in China.