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Gennki Group, can serve the global customers with requirement of the rapid prototype, injection mold/molding, die casting molds/production, stamping tool/production, and assembly. We, highly efficient teamwork, coupled with constant drive to achieve the target, has led to impressive results and short lead time for a new product. Has successfully demonstrated over the years a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and a program of continuous improvement in all aspects of quality, management and production. Gennki also work internationally operating sales ,marketing and purchasing organization for plastic, metal service. We represent companies from all over the world who distinguish them service by innovative products and also assist global customer to outsource their project base on our service.

Gennki Industry Co., Ltd.

Our customers base is in North America、 Latin America、Europe、 mainly in area of Auto Industry 、household、OA、Medical 、Aerospace and consumer part, so you can take advantage of increase efficiently and convenience of purchasing complete, turnkey project, we can fullfill complex mandate with quick turnaround times.